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Brake Repair & Services

Even if today’s car safety features are outstanding, the braking system remains the most crucial. Your car’s brakes are a hydraulic clamp that slows and stops the rotation of the wheels. Without significant automobile brake repair, your braking system should stay reliable and affordable with annual inspections and maintenance.

In an emergency, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) assist you in steering by restoring traction to your tires. It aids in the prevention of wheels locking up, allowing the driver to maneuver to safety. When your car’s tires start to lock up, wheel sensors detect it. The brakes are then rapidly applied and released (pulsed) to protect your tires from sliding. It’s essential to keep your Anti Lock braking system in control. 

If your car shakes like it’s on a bumpy road when you press the brakes, it’s probable that your brake rotors are deformed or otherwise damaged. These are the large shiny discs that you can see through your front wheels and to which the brake pads are attached. You’re likely to have issues if it’s not smooth and straight. The entire car may shiver, or you may feel it in the stop pedal. In that case, it’s time to have your car’s brake disc maintenance.

Brake cleaning is also an essential part of your annual or maintenance frame-based across some months difference. The anti-rust method is used to clean the brake, and brake paddle wires are checked to see if any change is needed or if there is some issue. 

Services under the brake repair services are:

  • Regular inspection of brakes
  • Checking of brake grinding or warped rotors
  • Change of parts if there is some need
  • Repairing of brakes
  • Inspection and changing of brake pad material

To ensure a smooth ride without any setback, you should get your brake systems inspected in a while. For a smooth process, contact us at Exotic Touch Garage.