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Engine Services

If your engine isn’t working properly, you’re probably looking at an expensive repair. A new engine might set you back thousands of dirhams. You can maintain your car’s engine operating smoothly by doing preventative maintenance.

Your engine is a complex combination of electrical systems, intricate mechanical systems, belts, chains, and seals that all work together to keep you moving down the coast at high temperatures.

Preventative maintenance is the first step in keeping an engine in good shape. Timing belts and timing chains are usually the first things that spring to mind when we think about engine breakdown. These should be examined every 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles, depending on the make of your automobile. You should keep in mind your automobile company and model for this matter. 

In the long term, maintaining your vehicle saves significant catastrophic breakdowns and repairs, as well as keeping your vehicle efficient. Fluid flushes, fuel injection cleanings, fuel system cleaning services, and other preventative auto maintenance services, which are essential for engine maintenance, are all available at ExoticTouchGarage.

Your automobile, like an annual physical checkup, needs frequent tune-ups. The services covered in a tune-up might vary depending on the brand and model of your automobile. A tune-up often involves spark plug replacement, spark plug wire inspection, timing belt or timing chain adjustment, diagnostic check of engine components, and air and fuel filter replacement.

Hardware and software control a wide range of services, including fuel input, performance output, electrical exchange, pollutants, and overall engine efficiency. It takes more science than elbow grease to repair a new car. We have expert technicians to help you in this regard.

Services that are available in Engine Services are:

  • Oil change
  • Lubricant change
  • Plugs change
  • Wire change
  • Battery service/maintenance or change
  • Engine Tuning

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