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Transmission Service & Repair

Transmission is the veins of the engine. As the blood passes from our veins to our heart and back and ensures the smooth running of the system of our body, just like that, the transmission of the car is mid-core through which the engine’s power is transferred to the wheels.

Transmission maintenance is also very important in the maintenance scenarios of cars. First maintenance that transmission needs are the timely transmission lubricant change. Your transmission requires special lubricants and proper repairs at proper intervals.

Some entities also mix this issue with manual and automatic transmissions, but the fact of the matter is that both of them require fluid change equally. Yes, the interval in the automatic transmission can be a little prolonged, but it could be done immediately when the change is required.

Proper transmission maintenance complements your car’s performance and helps it runs smoothly.

Assessment of transmission maintenance is be checked through changing gears. When it requires to maintain, it is a fair chance that the gears will get stuck, and you face difficulty in the smooth gear changing. Sometimes you can also counter that comes to neutral in mid of driving in highway or long road that account for excessive maintain of the transmission channel and transmission fluids.

Services that are related to transmission services and repair are:
  • Cooler line hook-up trans flush
  • Typical pan and filter service